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A number of our clients prefer changing the colour of their hardwood floors after a few years to have a completely new look. You will be amazed at just how much differently the hardwood floor can appear with a new stain. Contrary to what most homeowners think, any hardwood floor can be give a new look and not just a slightly different hue, but a different colour altogether. For example, a dark floor can be given a lighter shade and similarly a lighter coloured wooden floor can be easily treated with a darker stain.

The stain that you have decided upon with the help of our wood floor fitter will then be kept as a record with us, so that if you need to have it done again on parts or on the whole floor again, we will be able to match it perfectly. You can also note the colour down with yourself.

If you need to discuss anything about changing the present colour of your hardwood floor, make an appointment and come and talk to us.


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